Over time, we have combined creativity with research and design.

A heel has the power to revolutionise a look, to sum up a shoe, to give safety.
What is a woman looking for in a heel? . An quick way to tell her personality, and much more

Finishing touches make the difference: a kaleidoscope of possibilities to explore.

Every day I experiment. Every day I create. I do it with my team, thanks to my team. Colours have infinite shades, mistakes are always welcomed as a source of learning. We have the power to transform, as long as we don’t stop trying.

Patrizia Carraro, Head of R&D

A selection of our heels. Our heritage, the expression of our artistic DNA.

We listen to the market, intercept the frequencies of fashion and mix them with a creative attitude. We evaluate the feasibility, then we let technology and manufacturing embrace each other in beauty.

When I look at a heel I look for the concreteness of the structure, but then it is inevitable, I fall in love with the finish

Annalisa Carraro, Head of Sales