Production is the heart of the company.

Millions of heels come out of our factory every year.
In addition to heels we produce: court shoes, soles, wedges, clogs and plateaux.

Over the past twenty years we have served the most important fashion houses worldwide. Quality, speed and absolute confidentiality are the basis of our approach.

A team of artisans shares their know-how by following all the stages of the production of heels and, more generally, of our products.

We control the entire supply chain by integrating processes with external suppliers, this is to ensure maximum quality in the shortest time. A 360-degree team, a way to reach the goal by creating value from within the territory. Made in Italy is the best of our labels.

“The rationalisation of processes distinguishes our output. Quality control is an integral part of the service we offer to the customer. We promise, we care, we make it happen. Nothing goes unnoticed, it is essential if you aim for excellence. “

Martina Carraro, Head of Development